The Story Behind SafariShare

With the growth of greater connectivity, the sharing economy has evolved to allow both buyers and sellers transact with more ease. The sharing economy in part allows us to share services on our platform.

SafariShare as a platform is tailored for travelling individuals, keen on navigating through the demands of life safely and affordably. 

All that is required of a registered car owner/driver is, simply availing one’s travel time and routes to subscribers so that those who wish to travel to that particular destination can travel with a driver at a reasonable cost.

Similarly, travellers who wish to travel with our registered SafariShare drivers can search for drivers plying their route and interested drivers will immediately get in touch or the system will automatically match them. 

Take an example of a person travelling to Hoima but stays in Nansana. Such a person has to travel to the bus/taxi park in town first, before boarding a taxi/bus to Hoima which taxi/bus will pass through Nansana. With SafariShare, such costs both in terms of money and time can be eliminated by us matching you with a bonafide driver plying the same route so that you don’t have to waste time and money going to the park first but by matching you with a private car with an empty seat going to Hoima through Nansana.  

Safari share avails that ‘homely’ comfort that public transport cannot provide while offering an opportunity to drivers and car owners to make an extra buck to cover their fuel costs.

SafariShare is not self-limiting. It cuts across all kinds of vehicles, including trucks. Contemplating ferrying luggage or goods? Search for a matching car or truck to transport your luggage or goods to another destination at a reasonable cost lower than the market cost.

The SafariShare app will soon be available on Playstore. 

Please do avail to us any feedback, questions or suggestions in the comment section. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you better.